Hi! Today we want to introduce you to our newest journal section. Earlier this week, in between some girl talks and discovering the best soy latte in Jakarta (yes, it’s hard to find one), an editor friend suggested us to make this feature. 

We always feel that taking pictures is like story-telling. And sharing those stories behind the lens is just as important as composing a picture itself. We love how intimately you begin to understand something just by looking at a photograph. So, why not?

On our first post, we pick one of our all-time favorite editorial to be shared, Anonymous. This is a personal project and we always love doing these kind of shoots, because we can have 100% creative direction over.

The inspiration for this concept came from our definition of #selfie. Everyone seems to obsess over selfie so much they tend to forget there’s something more behind what meets the eye. Because we’ve already seen too many faces in this narcisstic generation, so let’s focus on something else more than just a pretty face. 

This shoot was taken in Luminosity Studio, Melbourne when we were living there around a year ago. Definitely one of the studios we missed! And it was our second time shooting with Iris so it’s definitely a lot fun to direct her doing some gymnastic/yoga poses on set.

Anonymous is featured on SPOOK Magazine, Parahyangan Art + Design + Silver Screen Exhibition, and Fur Magazine: Pameran Kartu Pos.

Photography and Creative Direction: Sally Ann & Emily May

Styling: Christabell McDonald

Model: Iris Ferwerda @ Scene

Make-up / Hair: Cynthia Willis

Make-up / Hair Assistant: Mila Tirtasari

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