Jumping back to a few weeks ago, we were blessed enough to launch our debut book, Close. A mixed media book in collaboration with Mahadi Asman as the writer, Sarita Ibnoe as the illustrator, and Salvita Decorte as the woman inside the book.

We can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since we began this production. Started from a very low-key photo shoot at Hotel Chitra, the post-production process took ages and time was definitely a real challenge for us, due to the fact of living back and forth between Jakarta and Melbourne. On the launching night, we were pretty overwhelmed by the huge crowd and can’t be more thankful! Especially when they can relate personally to the book.




What is #BukuClose actually? We had a chat with area magazine and QUB TV recently and share it all. It tells a story of a woman in her solitude journey within the ambiguous meaning of the word close itself. On a personal level, It means more than just a book for us. It marks a remarkable chapter in our lives to cut off all the wrong things and getting closer to ourselves in the end. Because whatever happens, you’ll always have yourself. So what’s your #BukuClose experience? Your turn.

Close is available to be purchased at all Kinokuniya book stores nationwide.

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