In music, we always have this thing when we get to know a band consisting of two guys and one girl. There’s something effortlessly cool of being the only girl in a group. And, we were lucky enough to have a shoot with our latest band-crush, Dekat for the cover of LocalBrand.Co.Id magazine.

Having less than 12 hours to prepare this last minute shoot, we had to pull out some strings to source the most accessible location A.S.A.P.! So it wasn’t a surprise that this was shot at the underground parking lot in our own apartment – where else? (this is like the 99th time we did a shoot there, just because we live around the corner). 

Despite of the dark, humid, and a sort of spooky car wash space (we’ve heard some ghost stories from the drivers), they pulled it of very well with the photogenic looks, not to mention their off-the-roof chemistry. 

Read the current issue here.

Photography and Creative Direction: Sally Ann & Emily May

Styling: Tatiana Anggita

Styling Assistance: Tazia Maharani

Dekat team members are Chevrina Anayang, Mohammed Kamga, and Tahir “Tata” Hadiwijoyo

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