Making (emoji) Faces

We’ve been adoring Cotton Ink‘s journey since our cousin, Carline Darjanto and Ria Sarwono founded this brand years ago. Stylish and comfy womenswear that won’t break your bank, it’s local-made and you can actually style those basics in any way, like you have your eggs in the morning. Plus, this month we’re thrilled to collaborate with them on their first editorial ever on Cotton Ink Magazine! What’s not to love? When we were thinking about the idea behind this shoot, we know that Cotton Ink always breathes simplicity.

Think about those everyday staples, your personal, basic essentials that you won’t leave home without. For us it’s: 1) Aesop hand balm. Pretty much reminds us of the Melbourne days. 2) 2015 daily planner. 3) iPhone. Instagram, Snapchat, Path, 8tracks, Facebook ….. (insert more social media here), texting, and of course adding emojis to everything we make! Read the current issue of 247 Cotton Ink Magazine here

Photography and Creative Direction: Sally Ann & Emily May

Styling: Melodya Lukita

Make-up / Hair: Gina Dinatali

Model: Tatyana Akman @ The A Team

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