“A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.”

And no, weʼre not twins.

Being 3 years apart and working together as a photographer duo wonʼt stop us to be each otherʼs best friends and sisters. Weʼre from the same generation (somewhere in between millennials and Gen Y), we know each other by heart, and finish each otherʼs sentences with just a blink of an eye (or a burst of laugh).
When it comes to style, we started out with different tastes, but since we always exchanged clothes (sometimes after lots of negotiating), little by little, our styles have grown together in sync.
Here are some of our self-portraits series for Design Scene Exclusive featuring our favorite picks from Second Chance.







Styling and Photography by  Sally Ann & Emily May

Bags from Second Chance

Wardrobe from ÉLI XILONA

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