Nothing Really Mattress

On that particular moving-out day, we encountered a poor lonely mattress on the street. “Nothing Really Mattress” was written on it. We were taking more mental notes than anyone, knowing that how its shabby elegance and the history it held so possessively were, somehow, fascinating. It made us stop and think. We were left to wonder who left this thing and was there a story behind this paronomasia?






Of course, the adaptability of this story is one of many reasons that we featured Kaya to model and Linda to brush her doll-like features. Which is pretty clear in the results of this fashion story produced in Jakarta last month, we managed to source inspirations associated with our last night’s dreams and the science of a sleep.

The truth is, relationships might have been formed or fractured on this mattress. On the latter, this cold and lonely bed still somehow retained a warm note of the beautiful nights filled with kisses. Love blooms and fades. And when it all comes down to it, does anything else matter?





Styling and Photography by  Sally Ann & Emily May

Hair & Make-up by Linda Kusumadewi

Model –  Kateryna Miasoid @ Wynn

Wardrobe from BiyanMelissa, Dibba, Lick Studio, Prasomya, Fornarina, Topshop

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